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Why WannaBiz

Smart Money. Since all of the WannaBiz founders are involved in ads business, the online ads projects and ad networks have the opportunity to get the most of our expert support.

WannaBiz offers up to $50K in funding. We are mostly interested in seed stage, round A or bridge round global startups in adtech and SaaS. We are also ready to enhance your deal as a follow-on smart-money VC. To get investment you have to fill in the contact form and attach your project presentation file. We try to answer all the letters, but please compare your company with our investment criteria first to make sure we really are a perfect match.

Seed stage With initial market analysis conducted and business plans in place, companies look to begin marketing and advertising the product and acquiring customers. Organizations at this stage likely have at least a sample product available. VC funding may be diverted to acquiring more management personnel, fine-tuning the product/service or conducting additional research.

Round A (Early stage) Financing is provided to companies that have expended their initial capital and now require funds to initiate commercial-scale manufacturing, sales, and more marketing. The company may also be moving toward profitability as it pushes its products and advertisements to a wider audience.

Amount of investments: $20-50K

Investment criteria

  • Global projects with USA, UK or EU team presence
  • Team, development, sales or support based in Ukraine
  • Seed stage*, round A or bridge round startups. *Seed stage in case of a rapid growth
  • MRR not less than $10K
  • Fields: adtech and SaaS


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